International Conference on Invertebrate Vision

Bäckaskog Castle, Sweden | August 5 - August 12, 2019

Abstract Submission

Abstract submission will on January 1st 2019 and close on February 28th 2019. Following this submission period, the Scientific Advisory Board will select those contributions that will be included in the conference, and successful applicants will be asked to register.

Abstract Preparation

Please follow the abstract formatting instructions when preparing abstracts. This abstract format is a requirement for publication in our conference book. However, at the time of initial online submission (via Frontiers Events), the text of this correctly formatted abstract will be copied and pasted into a webpage window, and any figures and tables will be uploaded. Thus, the limited text and figures that will appear in the printed conference abstract will be the only abstract content available to the Scientific Program Committee when they assess submissions (even though the allowed word and figure limits of the Frontiers submission system may be greater).

Submission Process

Abstract submission will be electronic and all procedures will be handled by Frontiers Events. Accepted abstracts will be published online (read-only format) and will receive a CrossRef DOI. The following steps are required to submit an abstract:

  1. Register membership of Frontiers (if not already registered)
  2. Navigate to the Frontiers event that has been created for our conference and press the red “Submit here” button (please note that this button will not be visible until January 1st 2019, and will disappear on February 28th 2019).
  3. Once in the submission system you will need to select one of the four conference themes which fits the topic of your abstract best. These are: (1) Evolution and development of photoreception and vision, (2) Visual modalities: spatial, colour and polarisation vision, (3) Motion vision and the visual control of locomotion, and (4) Navigation and orientation.
  4. Choose the presentation type: talk or poster. (please note: this will be a first preference only - the Scientific Program Committee may be forced to change talks to posters due to scheduling difficulties)
  5. Follow the Frontiers instructions to copy and paste your abstract text into the window provided, to upload any figures and tables and finally to submit your abstract.
  6. You will be notified about the Scientific Program Committee’s decision by mid-April.