International Conference on Invertebrate Vision

is now over!


Bäckaskog Castle is situated in a beautiful, but unpopulated part of Scania. The closest big town is Kristianstad (see map) from where we will pick up delegates by bus (outside Kristianstad Railway Station). These buses will depart regularly throughout Monday August 5th, 2019. Delegates arriving on other days will need to take a taxi from Kristianstad to Bäckaskog. For taxi services call 044-12 30 00. The trip should cost around 375 SEK from Kristianstad to Bäckaskog and 619 SEK from Kristianstad airport for a car fitting 1-4 people (June 2018). A bigger car fitting 1-8 people costs 540 SEK and 1000 SEK respectively.

map of southern Sweden

From Copenhagen/Kastrup Airport:

Since July 2000, Denmark and Sweden are joined by a bridge, and it is possible to travel most conveniently by high-speed train from Kastrup Airport to Kristianstad Railway Station. The trip takes about 1 hour and 25 minutes and costs 205 SEK one way (June 2018). The trains leave Copenhagen Central Railway Station, pass by Kastrup (Track 1) and make stops in Malmö and Lund before heading for Kristianstad. They leave roughly once every hour (starting at 3.22 on weekdays) from Kastrup and several times per hour from Malmö. Skanetrafikens website has a journey planner for your convenience.

From Malmö Airport (Sturup):

Those arriving at Malmö Airport (Sturup) need to take a bus from the airport - known as "Flygbussarna" - to Malmö Central Railway Station (about 40 minutes, 105 SEK if booked through internet), and from there take the train to Kristianstad. The trains from Malmö to Kristianstad leave twice every hour throughout the day, starting 4.31 on weekdays. The trip takes a bit more than an hour and costs 112 SEK (June 2018).

From Kristianstad Airport:

Those arriving at Kristianstad airport (Everöd) can take a taxi from the airport directly to Kristianstad Railway Station, which costs 356 SEK (June 2018).

We will have buses leaving Bäckaskog castle heading for Kristianstad Railway Station on Monday 12th. From there you can take the train to either Malmö or Copenhagen.

By car:

If you are travelling by car, the bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö is open to motorists as well. There are also car and passenger ferry connections to southern Sweden from Germany (Scandlines, phone +46 42 186000, TT-Line, phone +46 (0)410 56200 and Finnlines +46 (0)771 340900). Another possibility is to take the ferry from Helsingør to Helsingborg, approximately 30 min travel (Scandlines, phone: +46 42 186000). It is recommended to make a reservation for your car on all ferry lines.

Try to get to Kristianstad prior to midafternoon. This way you will make it for dinner, and welcoming drinks in the main state room of the castle!


Some of you may need a visa to enter Sweden, at this point in time (June 2018) this concerns those delegates arriving from India, Russia and South Africa. A complete list of countries can be found here. Information about visas can be found at a Swedish Government web site. Make sure you apply for a visa in good time before the conference.


We will be available at all times by telephone (Lina: +46 730 808433, Therese: +46 73 8550231, Eric: +46 704 964927) if you experience any transport problems and require assistance.