International Conference on Invertebrate Vision

is now over!

Bäckaskog Castle, Sweden | August 1 - August 8, 2013

Abstract submission

Abstract submission for invited speakers and anyone wishing to present a poster as part of this symposium is now open. Registration for this event will remain open for ICIV participants up until the week preceding the conference. Please liase with in order to extend your stay at Bäckaskog (this will also incur an additional charge on site to cover meal expenses). Please also see the latest schedule (PDF download, link at left) for more information. Submitted abstracts will be checked for content to ensure that they are relevant to the symposium aims. Abstracts will only be accepted from invited speakers or those registered for the STINT symposium. If you have not previously registered for ICIV, see the information on the registration page on how to ensure that your e-mail address is added to the registration database.

All accepted abstracts will be published via Frontiers during the ICIV meeting, and thus accessible through search engines. Submission is via the International Conference on Invertebrate Vision link on the Frontiers Events abstract submission site:

If you submitted an abstract to ICIV, you should already have an account with Frontiers and be familiar with the process, otherwise you will have to set up an account first. After entering your author information, and pasting your abstract text into the box, please select "Poster presentation preferred" from the Presentation Type menu, and then "STINT symposium on dim light" from the Topic menu. Although the Frontiers site lets you submit up to 10000 characters in your abstract, please limit abstracts for this conference to 2000 characters, as we hope to extract them to a printed booklet.

Those submitting to Frontiers for the first time (including invited speakers who did not previously submit to the ICIV meeting) can find additional step-by-step instructions on how to submit to Frontiers here.