International Conference on Invertebrate Vision

is now over!

Instructions for abstracts & presentations

Presentations at the conference will be in the form of short lectures and posters. The lecture hall will be equipped with modern audiovisual facilities as well as a whiteboard. Poster boards will be supplied for hanging up posters, and dedicated poster sessions will be included in the schedule.

Instructions for lectures:

The talks will be 20 minutes long, time for questions included.

Instructions for posters:

Posters should not exceed a width of 90 cm and a height of 120 cm.

Instructions for abstracts:

Abstracts for all lectures and posters will be included in the conference handbook. If, for scientific reasons, you wish your abstract only to be published in the conference handbook and not in Frontiers, please contact us at .

Updated abstracts must be submitted as PDF files to Lina O’Reilly at at the latest June 1st 2019. Minor revisions of the abstract text are allowed (e.g. adding data, or upgrading a figure). However, if we judge the changes to be major, we reserve the right to downgrade a presentation from a lecture to a poster. When you send us your pdf-file, please notify us if you've made any changes so we can upgrade the text of your previously submitted abstract on Frontiers. If you choose to change the figure in your abstract, please separately attach the new picture as a TIFF or JPG file, otherwise we cannot upgrade it. Please note that no changes in authorship are allowed on a revised abstract.

Your abstract has to be in accordance with the guidelines listed below:

    abstract styling
  • Paper should be oriented vertically. The block of text must be 16.5 cm from left to right and no more than 25 cm from top to bottom. Use A4-size. Please place the text block at least 1 cm from the left and top edges of the page.

  • Abstracts have to be written in English. Each abstract must contain only one page with the layout shown to the right. Literature citations should be given in short form.

  • We strongly recommend including a black-and-white figure. There are no restrictions on the use of graphics and mathematical or chemical formulae. If you use colour, please note that it will be reproduced in grey scales in the conference handbook.

  • When printed, the pages will be reduced to half-size, ie. A5-format. To allow for this reduction you should use the following font and sizes:

    • Font: Times or Times New Roman
    • Title: 16 pt
    • Author's name(s): 14 pt
    • Address(es): 12 pt
    • Text: 12 pt
  • Please check that your pictures, and especially graphs, are still readable when reduced in size.