International Conference on Invertebrate Vision


courtyard The conference venue - Bäckaskog Castle - is one of Scania's most famous castles. The castle has a rich history dating back to the 13th century when it was a monastery. Today, the castle is managed by three local families who have lovingly restored the castle and its outlying buildings and gardens to their original charm. The castle can accommodate up to 120 guests in very tastefully restored rooms. Bäckaskog Castle is also acclaimed for its fine Scanian cuisine and beautiful dining. The staff of the castle are helpful and friendly, and far from being formal and stiff, Bäckaskog feels calm and relaxed.


The castle stands between two glistening lakes, close to forests and hills and surrounded by gardens and parkland. There will be plenty of opportunities to go canoeing, fishing and windsurfing in the lakes, and also for cycling, horse riding and tennis for those who wish. A sandy beach is available for swimming close to one of the houses in the garden. This house also contains a solarium and a sauna. The extensive forests are splendid for relaxing walking tours.


Accommodation ranges from quite luxurious rooms in the castle itself, to simpler youth-hostel accommodation in the garden. All intermediate-standard rooms are very charming and individually styled. Because accommodation is limited (it is, after all, a modest size castle) we are urging participants to share rooms (most rooms are roomy and contains two single beds and a bathroom). Sharing a room will of course also reduce the accommodation price.